Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in Retail at Dreamforce 2016 Cover

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Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in Retail at Dreamforce 2016

Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in Retail at Dreamforce 2016

A great step forward

At Dreamforce 2016, OSF Commerce won Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in the Retail category for implementing our OSF UnifyCOMMERCE (Patent Pending) product, a unique integration of Salesforce Service and Sales Clouds with Commerce Cloud, previously known as Demandware.

Our winning success story was about UK retailer Predator Nutrition, who now has reduced page load time, multi-currency functionality and support for international growth, with a 50% increase in conversion rates.

Since launch, Predator Nutrition has improved their customer service and shopping experiences across channels with a complete view of customer data, including customer orders, abandoned carts and wish lists. Access to this data is supporting more sophisticated, personalized marketing campaigns; up-selling and cross-selling opportunities; and their ability to place orders on behalf of customers.

A unique omnichannel integration

The Partner Innovation Awards are given to members of Salesforce’s partner community, acknowledging their contributions to the success of their customers through social, mobile and cloud technologies. The awards ceremony takes place every year in San Francisco at Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference, the world’s largest enterprise software event.

OSF Commerce’s vision of a natural integration between both the Salesforce Cloud and the former Demandware platforms was born years before the announcement that Salesforce would acquire Demandware. It began with our original integration cartridge and has grown into OSF UnifyCOMMERCE, a truly innovative product that began its development 2013. It received its first certification from Demandware that same year, followed by Salesforce in 2014.

For three years, we dedicated an entire team of Salesforce- and (then) Demandware-certified specialists that worked closely to build OSF UnifyCOMMERCE, now the only out-of-the-box product certified by Salesforce that integrates Service, Sales and Commerce Clouds. OSF UnifyCOMMERCE was built with retailers’ business goals in mind, and respects all quota limits and best coding practices, with minimal interference to existing operations.

Since then, retailers have adopted OSF UnifyCOMMERCE as part of their customer-centric approach, gaining actionable insight into customer data. Now, OSF UnifyCOMMERCE offers retailers the same customer centricity and omnichannel enablement that Salesforce Commerce Cloud emphasizes today.

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