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Integrating mobile channels into your ecommerce ecosystem increases sales and strengthens your brand

Mobile devices are estimated to account for half of all internet traffic. Is your online store meeting this growing demand for mobile accessibility? Or is it time to revisit your ecommerce strategy to better support mobile users?

In many cases, incorporating responsive design into your web development plans might be the answer because it eliminates the need for a traditional ecommerce website and a mobile website. In some cases it can be beneficial to build a native application designed for mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android, and integrates with omnichannel solutions such as indoor proximity systems.

OSF Global Services answers your questions and offers a full suite of mobile solutions designed specifically with online retailers in mind. Our solutions include:

  • Mobile Strategy Consulting
  • Adaptive and Responsive Design
  • Native Mobile Applications
  • UX/UI Upgrades

Whether you need to transform your current website into a mobile-friendly version, or you need an entirely new website with functionality that works equally well across traditional and mobile devices, count on OSF to help you turn mobile shopping into an engaging experience for your customers.

We solve your biggest challenges and answer your most difficult questions:

  • How do I increase mobile revenue?
  • How can I improve mobile conversion rates?
  • Should I build an app or a website?
  • Can my current platform support mobile?

To speak with our mobile specialists, contact us directly.

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  • OSF assisted us with new technology and gave us the ability to deploy many brand sites in an efficient manner, making technology our driver for growth.

    Martin Aubut
    Director, Interactive Marketing and Ebusiness Strategy

  • OSF was instrumental in helping us achieve our goal, which is to lead an entirely new space intersecting deals, social shopping, data and mobile services.

    Nick Weir
    Co-founder and CEO

  • I am very pleased with the work and am already working with OSF on a variety of other automation enhancements and integrations, such as telephony integration.

    Nicolas von Wilke
    Founder and CEO

  • The OSF team is very responsive when you have a need and continually strive for product excellence. I would recommend anyone having specialty needs concerning technology to contact them.

    Sue Battle
    Sales Manager & Channel Partner Manager

  • The integrations and customization OSF performed for us has been vital to our growth plans. We are now able to add new clients to our system without scaling administrative resources. The system facilitates efficiency and growth which is exactly what we set out to achieve.

    Peter Troost
    Chief Technology Officer

  • OSF came to the table with a triple-dose of energy, business knowledge and process expertise coupled with technical abilities that complimented our own IT team.

    Nick Weir
    Co-founder and CEO

  • The flexibility of the OSF team and our ability to tap into a network of developers with a wide range of skills has allowed us to expand our vision and meet the goals of our company.

    Frederik Pfisterer
    Co-founder and Managing Director

  • The OSF team did a great job of understanding and interpreting our needs – and then turning them into a solution...

    Nicolas von Wilke
    Founder and CEO

  • As part of our Demandware and Salesforce integration, OSF Global Services implemented their OSF One Page Checkout product, which is now streamlining purchases on our Demandware site.

    Reggie Johal
    Founder and Owner