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16% of all orders that are generated online can be attributed to affiliate marketing. Leverage OSF's Affiliate ASSISTANT a product for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, that gets businesses on this important revenue-generating channel. Seamlessly provide your partners with stable code that promotes your products on their website or blog so they can effortlessly showcase you on their digital properties.

Reduce the costs you spend on affiliate network programs including one-time setup fees and recurring commissions for every click, lead or sale. Eliminate being charged by both the publisher using the affiliate network and the network itself. With Affiliate ASSISTANT, you’ll only be charged by the publisher, saving you from unnecessary spending – especially if you work with several affiliate networks.

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    Increased Sales

    In the competitive ecommerce space, every dollar counts. Affiliate programs help to increase your sales.
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    Embrace Partnerships

    Affiliate programs are proven for their ability to build off of the traffic, brand image and word-of-mouth that others have built up for themselves. Embrace the ability to cooperate with others with complementary products or services.
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    Hands-Off Opportunity

    Let other people market your products and send you website traffic. Affiliates can paste a code snippet into their websites that will embed a dynamic and shoppable product tile on the page.
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    Easy Revenue Stream

    Empower your marketing team to focus on the bigger picture while your affiliate program brings in additional revenue. Branding, promotion and exposure are all benefits that come without a major time investment on your side.
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    Track Digital Sales

    Merchants can quickly and easily view results in a dashboard within Business Manager. This includes information on what orders were placed on the Affiliate’s websites, the Affiliate’s Name, ID, amount of revenue each has generated during a specific period, and the overall revenue obtained from all affiliates during a select timeframe.
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