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Asset STUDIO for Salesforce Commerce Cloud is an accelerator for your storefront that is activated in Business Manager. This product helps you to create new and fully configured landing pages without any extra development efforts through the smart reuse of previously created components.

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    Out of the box

    This product comes with previously created modules and a vast library of pre-designed visual elements.
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    Easy to Use

    Once created, your components can be reused to create new landing pages. Manage your content using plain text with no HTML knowledge required.
  • 03 Flexible Reliable

    Design flexibility

    Upload your own visuals and mix Asset STUDIO’s components with your design to create a unique, beautiful visual statement. You’re not restricted to a specific template and can move page components in the order you choose to take advantage of an easy to adjust format.
  • 04 Build Info Availability

    Create rich landing pages

    Components can be used to customize each category list page’s headers and footers with individual banners or any number of existing visual components.
  • 01 Spotlight on Deployment

    Time efficiency

    After a training session, it will take roughly one hour (depending on the complexity of the page) to create a page provided all of the content materials such as text and images are ready.
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