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Logistics matters. When it comes to providing your customers with the service they desire, FastOMS empowers you to conduct basic, yet essential order management actions from Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud Business Manager module without a lengthy integration process. This product, engineered specifically for Commerce Cloud merchants delivers many vital functionalities. Simplified inventory and supply chain management is now available with our cartridge.

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    Order Search

    Benefit from either a simple search using Name, Email or Order ID with autosuggestion, or take advantage of an advanced search using additional criteria.
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    Order Edit

    After an order is created, you can remove or add products, modify the quantity, size or color requested, change the shipping type or modify other order details such as status, contact information, address and more.
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    Order Cancelation

    Orders can be canceled, and payments voided when applicable. A gift certificate can be issued in the case of an order cancellation and agents can do a mixed payback. An order can also be canceled without providing any payback to the shopper.
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    Refund Management

    Partial or full refunds can be granted including an immediate refund without the return of a product or a refund issued when a product is to be returned. Different refund types are available including a credit card credit, gift certificate or a mixed refund.
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