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BUILD & DEPLOY Suite for Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a native open source Jenkins plug-in for easy code building and deployment to Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s continuous integration sandbox, development or staging instance.

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  • 01 Spotlight on Deployment

    Spotlight on Deployment

    The suite focuses solely on code building and deployment delivering an optimized user experience within the native Jenkins plug-in.
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    Simple and Easy to Use

    Effortlessly install, customize and update the plug-in directly from the Jenkins web interface. It is supported in classical mode, Jenkins Pipelines and also the new modern Blue Ocean interface.
  • 03 Flexible Reliable

    Flexible and Reliable

    Adjust to any chosen workflow by configuring the plug-in to suit your specific needs. All of your data will be safely encrypted and stored since it is integrated with the Jenkins credentials plug-in, supported by two-factor authentication.
  • 04 Build Info Availability

    Build Info Availability

    Access all information about the build number, author and version in the page source, title or using the Chrome extension with the help of the inf_build cartridge, which is automatically created as a part of the build process.
  • 06 Precise Documentation

    Precise Documentation

    Each option is documented on the page and inline within Jenkins's user interface with help information displayed upon request.
  • 07 HTTP Proxy Support

    HTTP Proxy Support

    Ensured support with basic or NTLM authentication in case your servers are behind a proxy or internal company firewall.
  • 05 No Quota Limits

    No Quota Limits

    The plug-in supports builds bigger than 100MB by splitting them into multiple parts and deploying them individually.
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