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One Page CHECKOUT simplifies the checkout process by reducing the number of clicks required during the checkout process. This provides retailers with an easy-to-integrate solution designed to help reduce cart abandonment, increase revenues and conversions, and improve retention. This cartridge allows Salesforce Commerce Cloud registered and guest customers to complete the checkout process in only one step instead of the standard 3 pages used for, shipping, billing and order placement. The aim is to facilitate customers with a simple checkout experience - making it easier and faster.

One Page CHECKOUT has received the LINK JOINT CUSTOMER trust badge from Commerce Cloud. Visit the LINK Marketplace listing here.

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    Better checkout design can deliver a 35% increase in the conversion rate for the average large-sized ecommerce site. Using a single-page solution can create an 8% lift in conversions
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    A one page checkout process can deliver a 30% increase in revenue due to customer-friendly modifications to a traditional and clunky design that uses multiple pages
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    Complicated checkouts contribute to an abandonment rate of 12%. Guest checkouts can help solve this issue since 23% of shoppers tend to leave a site when they are forced to create an account
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    With an average abandonment rate of 68%, you must do everything you can to make it easy for customers to complete purchases. One Page CHECKOUT provides a 16% decrease in drop-off
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    One Page CHECKOUT brings an increased number of sessions with transactions for both new and returning visitors
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    Easily implement this solution with your existing design. This seamless integration means you can easily enable and disable One Page CHECKOUT. "27% of US online shoppers have abandoned an order in the past quarter solely due to a “too long or too complicated checkout process”


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