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Reward customers and deepen your relationship with them using a loyalty program. POINTS TO CART, a cartridge for Salesforce Commerce Cloud will help you please your customers and encourage their continued engagement and activity on your site. Loyalty programs can increase your customer lifetime value, decrease acquisition costs, and help you gain both recurring revenues and loyal brand advocates.

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    Dedicated areas on your website ensure that shoppers are aware that you offer a loyalty program and are kept informed of their actions. This information is obtained via the dedicated spot in the top navigation bar, the section within their account details, or the pop-up that demonstrates when points have been granted.
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    The actions a shopper takes on your ecommerce site related to enrollment, engaging in actions that reward points, redeeming accumulated points and more – are synchronized and easily viewed and acted upon in Business Manager. Respond quickly to customer activity to ensure their continued satisfaction.
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    View, grant and remove loyalty points within Business Manager – actions that when taken immediately can make the difference when it comes to client satisfaction. Service agents are able to delight shoppers in the click of a mouse.
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