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For both merchants and customers, the revenue-generating potential of recurring orders is clear. Give shoppers the ability to set up order replenishment and manage orders on their terms with Smart ORDER REFILL 2.0, a new version of our Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge.

Smart ORDER REFILL 2.0 is now SFRA compatible, has a new updated design and offers many new impressive features making the cartridge even more powerful than before. Focus on attracting new customers and keep existing ones satisfied by offering them the ability to sign up for recurring orders.

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  • SFRA Ready


    Smart ORDER REFILL 2.0 is now compatible with SFRA, Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s new customization model and blueprint for site design that builds websites faster and has hundreds of out-of-the-box features.
  • Responsiviness


    This new version comes out-of-the-box with an updated design of the subscription option on the storefront’s product and checkout pages, the customer’s orders dashboard, and the merchant’s reporting module.
  • OUC DW icon 4


    A new type of subscription option is available with this updated version of Smart ORDER REFILL. Shoppers can now secure a better deal on products if they commit to a subscription for the specified timeframe that you’ve set. Count on their promise to purchase, rely on secure revenue gained from this subscription type, and minimize the risk of canceled subscriptions.
  • SOR icon 2


    Our new reporting module helps you to search and manage all subscription orders made using Smart ORDER REFILL 2.0. You can see details about each subscription including the products in the order, order status, when the subscription began, is set to end, and the recurrence interval.
  • SOR icon 1


    Customers can automate orders for the products they purchase most often, according to their desired interval, assisting you in increasing your customer retention rate and building loyalty.
  • SOR icon 3


    A loyal customer is a returning customer. Create groups of customers so you can send special promotions, offer free shipping and even offer free samples.
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