Online & Website Consulting

Web projects and online activities with competitive advantages

Our consultants work with you to plan your next corporate website (internet project), employee- or project-portal (intranet project), customer- or partner-service portal (extranet project) and more, with a content management system (CMS) platform that matches your unique business objectives, processes and applications. Knowing your goals and identifying the needs of your stakeholders and users, we perform a comprehensive analysis of your existing online presence and activities; help you define target groups, customer personas and real world use cases; then develop an online strategy to define targeted objectives addressing those needs.

Our methodologies are designed to give you a distinct advantage over your competitors:
Goals, Strategies &
Based on your business goals, we help you define intelligent online strategies for efficiently reaching those objectives.
Requirements &
We determine organizational and technical needs to meet the expectations of your employees, customers and partners.
Analysis, Discovery
and Research
We study your existing online presence and activities, uncover pain points and identify potential improvements.
CMS & Online Tool
Knowing your requirements, we help you select a content management platform best suited to meet the demands and increase efficiency.
Competitive Analysis
& Benchmarking
We study your biggest competitors to develop strategies that determine the measures needed for giving you the advantage.
Project Planning
& Management
We establish a project management workflow—including organization, workshops, meetings and documentation—for an efficient realization and successful launch of your online project.

Competitive Advantages

Gaining visibility into the performance of one’s competitors is a challenge. OSF Commerce can help you establish the appropriate scope of your project—be it a simple redesign or an entirely new platform—for an undeniable competitive advantage in your industry.

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