Ecommerce Merchandising

Product placement strategies for increasing sales 

Take a closer look at your online merchandising efforts. Present products in a compelling way, improve your conversion rate and increase your average order size with strategic ecommerce merchandising. OSF Commerce optimizes merchandising campaigns by analyzing search functionality, product display pages, custom landing pages and online marketing efforts to help unlock significant profit growth.


Our dedicated team helps you optimize the customer experience with a full suite a of cross-channel merchandising services:

Custom Integrations
& Solutions
We customize platforms, as well as integrate email and marketing automation.
We help you utilize seasonal marketing, promotions and sales, and begin both cross selling and up selling.
We help improve product displays, segmentation and personalization, as well as optimize for recommendations and reviews.
We improve content management, creation and updates targeted throughout the customer lifecycle.

Develop Your Strategy

Today’s tools for online merchandising are sophisticated and robust. Identify which tools are right for you, and start understanding how your decisions about product placement and presentation are impacting your sales. Now is the time to achieve maximum product engagement from your customers.