Ecommerce Training

Proficiencies you need for business management

As the first company to participate in Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Business Manager Power User Program, OSF Commerce provides best-practice solutions for Business Manager and the benefits of collaborating with a single ecommerce solution provider. Our expertise in training and daily management enables your team to develop a comprehensive workflow using best-case scenarios for day-to-day ecommerce management.

Our certified trainers help your team use Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s Business Manager to perform tasks more quickly and effectively, and establish the best configurations for your objectives. We help you manage the technical aspects of your platform, and develop new marketing plans using product marketing tools in Business Manager.

After the development of your ecommerce website, OSF provides your team with ecommerce training in the following essential areas:
Create special sales categories, reassign products for special promotions and isolate particular experiences for customers.
Set up promotions, product campaigns and customer groups; and predefine group experiences according to best-case scenarios.
Define search behavior for your users and increase your conversions by providing them with desirable search results.
Sorting Rules
Personalize experiences for particular customers by prominently displaying select, seasonal or bestselling products.
Product Management
Bundle products, create product sets to improve the representation of your products and drive sales. 
Shipping Methods
Limit shipping costs as you sell to different geographies and optimize shipping for each specific country.

Begin the Journey

We begin with overview and training sessions, then offer a Q&A session for any additional questions. New Commerce Cloud implementations include basic, introductory platform training, including lessons on content and catalog management. OSF will perform a free audit to identify improvement opportunities within your staging environment, and recommendations for techniques that can help you take full advantage of Business Manager’s capabilities.