Mobile Commerce

Drive sales and customer loyalty with mobile channels

As international mobile commerce sales continue to rise, retailers need a mobile-friendly version of their ecommerce platform to meet the demands of their evolving customers’ preferences while providing a seamless retail experience across platforms. A native mobile application helps you personalize shopping experiences, gather insights on your customers and deliver information about product features, prices, promotions and brands in the hands of your shoppers.

Today’s mobile strategies and technologies are evolving, enabling proactive online retailers to create seamless customer journeys that drive loyalty, advocacy and growth in revenue. Now, the tools and partnerships you need to improve your mobile commerce performance have never been more accessible.

With over 60 responsive ecommerce sites launched, OSF Commerce has the resources and applied skills you need to launch a versatile mobile commerce solution for any device:
Responsive and
Adaptive Design
Simplify processes and optimize the customer experience by eliminating the need for separate ecommerce and mobile websites.
Security and
Present your customers with tools, confidence and efficiency they need to streamline the path to purchase.
Deliver a seamless customer journey and drive revenue across channels—from online, to in-store, to mobile.
Break down barriers to conversions and ensure your mobile website or application will always provide a simple, universal and effective experience.

The Evolution of Mobile Commerce

According to Business Insider, 60% of online traffic now comes from mobile. Online retailers must ensure their sites work well across all devices and use a variety of content relevant to shoppers, in all different contexts—including in-store shopping. Retailers are utilizing tablets to offer more flexible and faster ways to buy and provide tailored, even fun experiences for their customers, in addition to collecting data and creating more opportunities to sell. OSF Commerce can show you how your mobile solution can serve as an extension of your online store, and an enhancement of your physical store as well.

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