Responsive & Adaptive Design

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Today, users are just as likely to access your ecommerce website from their mobile devices as from a traditional desktop or laptop computer. How users experience your site determines whether or not they become customers.

Responsive or adaptive design implies that website design and development should respond to your customers’ behaviors and devices based on screen size, platform and orientation. OSF Commerce creates high-quality, branded and user-friend responsive mobile sites that fit all devices and browsers—saving you significant costs and resources.

Our responsive design teams take charge of your CSS code, incorporate responsive media and add flexibility to your mobile solution with adjustments for high resolution devices. For adaptive design, we provide context analysis, website development and deployment.

The following user-friendly concepts are integral to the creation of your responsively designed solutions:
Branding: Products &
Usability Evaluation  
& User Experience
A, B Testing &
Accessibility Optimization
Target Groups &
User Needs
Sketching &
W3C valid XHTML,
HTML5, CSS Coding
Ideas &
Creating Visual
Mockups & Prototyping

New Opportunities & Customers 

Mobile users leave sites that are not adapted to their devices. An adjustable user interface improves the user experience across devices, and integrates seamlessly with existing platforms, such as ecommerce. A responsively designed mobile solution open opportunities to new customers, those beyond the imitations of desktop devices.

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